Meme Sağlığı ve Doğru Bilinen Yanlışlar

Social health awareness, education of patients and patient’s relatives,  social and medical supports which are not always provided by public are counted some of  the main tasks of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the healthcare sector.

Besides, these NGOs can lead authorities to make policies related with cancer patients and make the public more sensitive to these issues

For  years,

All of us are aware of the burden living with the breast cancer. Moreover, we know that ‘metastasis’ has a distinct and heavy significance.

  For this reason, patients who have diagnosed  with metastatic breast cancer (Stage IV) or who has metastasized later need different/special medical services, psychological and social support .

About MetAmazon

MetAmazon- Metastatic Breast Cancer Association is a non-profit association of volunteers who dedicated themselves to the specific fight of women and men living with stage 4 -metastatic breast cancer (MBC).

Our main objectives are ;

  1. Improving the breast health awareness and patients’ right advocacy,
  2. Improving the life quality of MBC patients,
  • Facilitating the patiens’ access to drug treatment,
  1. Providing psychological and social support,
  2. Guiding to the authorities for developing new policies related to breast health

‘Our hope for the metastatic breast cancer is increased quality of life’


Women Warriors- The origin of the name of ‘MetAMAZON’

            In Greek Mythology, the Amazons were a clan of female warriors who lived in Themiscyra near the Black Sea, Turkey.


According to the myth, Amazons remove one of their breasts in order to use their bow and arrows more easily.



For us, each MBC patient is an Amazon warrior since fighting with MBC is a long and hard process which requires to being strong physically and psychologically, similar to struggle of Amazons for survival. We believe that each woman or man who is fighting  with MBC is as strong as Amazons.

Hereby, in the name of Metamazon; ‘Met’ refers to metastasis and ‘Amazon’ refers to women warriors.

After 2 years preliminary preparation, MetAmazon- ‘Metastatic Breast Cancer Association’, which is the first and only non-governmental organization of Turkey in terms of metastatic cancers, was legalized in 2016 to provide more specific attention and support to MBC patients with a valuable team consist of specialists and volunteers.

Metamazon has started to conduct its efforts on national and international platforms with the patient’s leadership.

In  this context, we would like to announce that we have an ‘open door’ to everyone who wants to join us individually or institutionally.



Gülşen Karagöz


Dilek Adalmış

Member at Large

Canan Perdahlı

Executive Manager and Founder

Engin Oğuz Pişkin